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March 24th
7:56 PM
7:18 PM

So I went for a meeting with someone who helps you find a job and I ended up doing admin stuff for them all day and now they are going to use me as a temp.

March 22nd
9:12 PM
I made an accidental hair bow.

I made an accidental hair bow.

March 20th
8:40 PM

Bryan Cranston in the March 1985 issue of Teen Talk magazine [x]





March 15th
4:18 PM
March 14th
11:03 PM

So there is going be a sequel to the Veronica Mars movie right?

March 12th
1:15 PM


"I keep getting hit by these balloons."
"That’s OK, man! People are doing that on purpose."

March 11th
6:58 PM

I was told today that if I don’t have a job by june I will basically be scum on the bottom of an employer’s shoe because of all the new graduates. I didn’t realise there was a sell by date on my degree.

I think she was trying to scare me into wanting this job so badly that I would just do anything she said (including a video cv, because apparently that’s the future) but it didn’t work. It just made me dislike her and the recruitment sector in general.

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March 9th
10:23 AM

Steven Yeun - GQ Magazine - March 2014